Where to Find B2B Rugs

B2B marketing involves the concept of selling services and products among various traders and businesses. These marketing activities are extremely important for all kinds of businesses. The same is the case with those that sell rugs. If you are looking to find B2B rugs, then you will need to extensively look for businesses that use B2B marketing. Following are some recommendations for B2B rugs:

Mani Rugs

They call it the World of Mani. It is a place where you can explore a wide variety of quality yet cheap rugs that range from classic to contemporary patterns and designs. Mani Rugs specializes in exquisite hand knotted rugs that are made in custom colors and sizes with various combinations of materials. The brand does not outsource and design its own rugs. Furthermore, the cheap rugs they offer can be customized according to your specific requirements.

The vision of Mani Rugs is to be an innovative, cost-effective, reliable, and collaborative rug manufacturer that can meet and exceed the expectations of customers. The manufacturers believe that offering their customers perfect B2B rugs can help them create the interiors that can enrich their homes and inspire their clients.

Exquisite Rugs

Exquisite Rugs is handmade area rug manufacturer and importer based in Los Angeles. The manufacturer is highly recommended if you are looking for B2B rugs as it has a website (www.exquisiterugs.com) dedicated to B2B. Apart from the updated logo, there are many new features on the company’s new website that are focused on streamlining the functionality that emphasizes design and product visibility, responsive customer service, and high-quality images.

Exquisite Rugs has been in the business for more than 80 years but they launched this new website recently. Their goal is to make this website one of the top three of the benchmarks of the company. Exquisite Rugs is also planning to introduce a rug display kiosk program and new marketing materials in the coming months. The wholesale inventory of Exquisite Rugs spans over 10,000 rug designs in wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes.


Kilim.com is another recommended choice for B2B rugs. They offer a diverse collection of kilims, furniture, pillow cases, Tulu rugs, and pile rugs in a wide range of quality and design options to trade. The website applies special prices or across the board discounts depending on the product mix and total purchase amount.

If you want to order a large quantity, then you will be glad to know that Kilim.com supplies pillow cases, over-dyed patchwork rugs, over-dyed antique rugs, and kilim rugs from their offline inventory. They also have kilim area rugs that feature traditional Anatolian designs that are woven from vegetable-dyed wool and hand-spun as well as high-quality kilims of machine-spun wool. They have a large collection of both antique and semi-antique cheap rugs that include the new ‘filikli’ Tulu rugs as well.

Kilim.com also offers custom weaving services that are ideal for you if you have specific size and design requirements for rugs. The company manufactures custom rugs using the highest-quality wool and mohair.