Best B2B Apps

B2B business is a type of business transaction which takes place when one business makes a commercial transaction with another so that they can achieve mutual results. It occurs when;

  1. A business is looking to get production materials from another business.
  2. A business is in need of the services of the other in order to complete some operational tasks.
  3. A business with the intent to sell goods or services produced by another business.

This type of business transaction is different from B2C business. In a B2C model, the business transacts directly with the customer. It is usually tiresome to manage a B2B model of business. A CEO will become drained easily. As such, it is essential that a virtual assistant comes to help.

B2B mobile apps enable the manager to keep track of business activities which are taking place. The manager can also organize virtue meetings with staff members from a far off area. The apps enable the manager to coordinate business activities easily and effectively.

There are various B2B apps which are available for download on devices. This article will take a look at the various B2B mobile apps and review on their performance


This is arguably the most popular B2B mobile app available. It offers the head of the project with a good system of coordinating activity among the team. The app gives a platform where the team leader can ensure that the teams stay focused on their goals and work in close collaboration in order to achieve their goals. It is a one-stop shop for the manager who wants to set priorities and deadlines, share details, assign tasks or plan and structure work.

It is easy to use Asana. Various top brass companies admit to using Asana and compliment it because of the good service which it generates.

  • HootSuite

For small business enterprises which have no social media management teams, then this is the best site for you. HootSuite gives you the ability to monitor every activity in different social media accounts from one place. This is an app for the person who wants to stay on top of the things which are happening concerning the business. HootSuite will enable you to respond to customer feedback when you are on the go. It is highly compatible with the desktop app.

  • WebEx

This app enables you to attend a meeting wherever you are at any time. With this app, you can share important information concerning the business easily. You can also exchange files and other materials like videos using this platform. It enables you to keep in touch with other team members. You can use this application easily since it is available to all devices.

  • DocuSign

When you are on the go, it can be really difficult to sign some letters which have been sent to you. With DocuSign, you are able to sign any scanned document with your hand. The signature will be ok just like signing it on a hardcopy. This app can come in handy when you want to approve projects which require a signature from you.

Once you sign this document, it will be easily sent back to the office or the person who needed your signature.

  • LinkedIn Pulse

This app enables you to gather all the news which may be relevant in your area of expertise. The app allows you to filter content that you like from content that you don’t. In this field, you will get more content from the people that you follow. This will provide you with important information, like which ways would be best to tackle your competitors. LinkedIn Pure is available for free for all devices.

  • Google Analytics App

This app was originally created for analyzing websites. Using this app, you will be able to monitor the activities of your website easily. There are versions which are compatible with mobile phones of Android and IOS operating systems, although they came into existence a while back. From this app, you will access audience behavior, their response and their reactions to various content on your websites or blogs.

  • Salesforce Mobile

You do not need to worry about sales when you have this app. It offers you the flexibility to monitor sales in different ways. You can use it both in the desktop and as a mobile app. With this software, you will keep in touch with your sales wherever you are.

  • Google Drive

This app gives you space of 15GB where you can input all your documents as a team. There is an array of content which you can input on Google drive, ranging from photos, documents, charts video clips and much more. It is very flexible and helpful to a B2B because you can access it from any place that you are, provided that you have a device with internet.

It is also beneficial to use Google Drive because the materials are backed up in order to avoid loss in the future.

  • Dropbox

This software acts as a connection between your desktop and your phone. With this, you are able to share documents easily and faster between the two devices. It is easy to use. It will be beneficial to B2B managers who don’t have access to their desktops all through.