Singlecare is proving to be quite beneficial for patients, especially chronic patients these days. Singlecare provides prescription discounts to patients who have to buy medicines regularly. Singlecare is one of the cash saver options that are available today. With Singlecare, you can buy your medicines with prices less than almost five to ten dollars than what the price is in the market. Singlecare does not provide insurance; it rather provides prescription discounts on medicines. It makes easy deals with regards to medicines for both physical and mental problems. Many people who have to resort to medicines on a daily basis opt for Singlecare as they save a lot of money in this way.

How Does Singlecare Work?

You might be curious how Singlecare provides medicines at far less a price than the market rate. Some people treat this cash saver quality of Singlecare skeptically and think that they provide fake medicines. But the truth is that Singlecare makes business partnership with many pharmacies. It works as a medium to connect the customers with various pharmacies who are willing to provide their medicines at a lower rate. The customers still have to pay all the medical expenses but they will get a discount based on the terms and conditions of those pharmacies that are providing the discount. Sometimes, you will have to directly pay for your medicines to the pharmacies but most times, you will have to pay through Singlecare by becoming a member. Read below to know why Singlecare would be a good option for prescription discounts.

  1. Supply of Various Medicines

Singlecare provides a great variety of health care services. You can get anything from an epipen to Viagra. You just need to search your prescription on the site, check the price which shows the discount you will be getting in comparison to the market price and then contact the pharmacy. The most cash saver medicines on Singlecare are Crestor, Advair. Chantix, Viagra, Epipen, Pristiq, Lipitor, Sidenafil and so on.

  1. Saves Money in Case of Chronic Illness

Singlecare is most useful for people who have chronic illness. For people suffering from chronic illness, medicines are source of added cost of living. A lot of money goes off in buying medicines regularly. Singlecare provides an opportunity for them to get the medicines at low cost. It provides prescription discounts which makes it possible for those suffering from mental illness or chronic pain and any kind of permanent disease to get the medicines at a discounted price.

  1. Connects to Various Pharmacies

Singlecare connects the clients with various pharmacies. It makes sure that the clients are given options so that they can choose which pharmacy would be most suitable for them. It is user friendly and gives the members many facilities. It gives the first time users even more discounts than usual.

Singlecare is a cash saver facility for patients. It facilitates patients to get medical services at a discounted price and thereby helps them cut the cost of medical services.

Drugmakers Create Their Own Generics to Stifle Competition

According to reports, brand-name drugmakers and pharmaceutical companies are nowadays implementing a strategy in which they make generic versions of their own authorized drugs to stifle the competition by keeping the drug costs high. This strategy is quite common among brand-name drugmakers and pharmaceutical companies that aim to maximize profits on their off-patent drugs.

One significant example of this strategy is PDL BioPharma’s step to create their own generic version of Tekturna. The company implemented this strategy as a result of the threat of a generic rival to their $40 million blood-pressure medicine. While the strategy keeps the competition weak and drugs expensive (even with prescription discounts) according to critics, it worked in the favor of PDL BioPharma as their generic version of Tekturna stole the increasing momentum from the rival company that was posing a threat to the company, with its generic drug, hence protecting their sales even though the patent of Tekturna ran out last year.

The competing generic were selling their drug for $166 a month. PDL made a generic version of their own drug and started selling it for $187 a month. Their brand-name Tekturna yields even higher profit as it runs around $208 a month.

The strategy, regardless of the criticism, became popular very quickly last year. As a result, the launch of authorized generics was announced on weekly basis. For example, Mylan created a generic version of EpiPen. On the other hand, Eli Lilly also made plans to launch a cheap version of Humalog, it’s brand-name insulin.

Lawmakers who were responsible for creating the modern generic drug industry probably never imagined that it would turn out like this – big pharmaceutical companies and drugmakers creating their own generic drugs to maximize profits and stifle the competition. However, it’s not really surprising. In fact, according to FDA, over 1,200 authorized generic drugs have now been approved in the U.S. Although it seems that the popularity and high demand of generic drugs would push the prices down and encourage the use of prescription discounts, authorized generic drugs can be just as profitable, if not more profitable as compared to brand-name drugs.

While the authorized generics are sold at relatively inexpensive prices as compared to brand-name drugs, the margin of profit for the drugmakers is roughly the same even if they don’t offer prescription discounts. The primary reason behind it is that they generally aren’t subject to rebates that flow from the drugmaker or pharmaceutical company to middleman and effectively lower the revenue of the brand. According to a research, the authorized generic drugs return was about $50 for every dollar invested in 2015.

According to critics, authorized generic drugs are not good for the long-term competition as they increase costs by stealing sales from existing generic rivals and basically force their competitors to create their own generic drugs. However, brand-name drugmakers disagree. According to them, authorized generic drugs reduce prices and increase the competition, so they are good for both short-term as well as long-term.

Blink Health: Why You Should Consider Buying

We human beings spend most of our savings on medical health treatments. The medications are getting expensive with each passing day, and patients are squeezing every single penny of their hard-earned money to purchase medications.

It is important to mention that some health insurance companies are coming forward to assist patients around the world.

When your monthly budget is already much mismanaged, and someone in the family gets sick; it leads to loss of income and the mental piece as well. Moreover, the cost of medical trips and prescriptions also add to the monthly burden. In such situations, one should look for some reliable policies to handle the cost of medical bills.

Blink Health is one of the most popular names in the industry these days, and they are ready to serve consumers with reasonable premium offers.

How does Blink Health operate?

If you have already heard about Groupon, Blink Health will also appear almost the same as that to you. They have created some consumer-friendly terms and conditions with pharmacies so that insurance companies can be bypassed while offering special discounts to the buyers.

Note that, more than 60,000 pharmacies have currently partnered with Blink Health and buyers can avail easy access to more than 15,000 medications. You can simply go to the web platform or download the Blink Health app on your handset. They will soon help you process with the medication purchase formalities from actual pharmacies.

Patients need to apply for the Blink Health registration card online, and once you receive it; show the hardcopy or softcopy to make purchases from pharmacies. With this, there is no need to pay anything to the pharmacies. You can even expect additional prescription discounts.

You will be happy to hear that they partner with a wide range of pharmacies and the big stores like Albertsons and Walmart are also included in the list. Hence, it becomes much easier to pick essential medications with prescription discounts online.

No matter whether you have purchased insurance policies or not; Blink Health can help you save more on medical bills. It is more useful if you are taking prescriptions for a longer duration of time.

There are so many reasons to choose Blink Health for your prescriptions; few of them are listed below:

  • Blink Health is much lower as compared to the insurance copay.
  • If your medications are currently not covered in the insurance policy.
  • It is useful if patients do not have coverage for any prescription drug.
  • One can avail special discount coupons for every purchase through Blink Health.

No matter what health issue you are currently facing; it is good to get registered to Blink Health to avail easy access to medications. These service providers are already serving millions of patients around the world. You can also avail the opportunity to tie up with them and enjoy prescription discounts.