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Top Wholesale Wine Distributors

This list highlights a list of giants who represents a good number of wineries in the US. It also highlights how far these distributors have gone to make their wholesale wine available to a good number of people in the states.

Wholesale Wine

SOUTHERN GLAZER’S WINE SPIRITS This popular wholesale wine company, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, stands tall as the largest distributor of wine in the United States. Form its headquarters in Miami, statistics show that it serves 36 states in the country and represents about 1,178 wineries. Due to its wide range of operations, it has generated huge revenues and recent estimates by Forbes magazine shows a $16.5 billion income in the year 2016. Further statistics show that this wholesale wine company sold more than 150 million wine cases and spirits to more than 350,000 retailers and restaurants in 2016. This statistics shows that they even distribute more than many companies produced within that time frame.

Wholesale Wine

REPUBLIC NATIONAL DISTRIBUTING CO. The Republic National Distributing Co. Which is popularly known as the RNDC by wholesale wine distributors. Is indeed one of the top wine distributors as well. By means of mergers and acquisitions, the company evolved and was formed as RNDC in 2006. Fast forward ten years later, and this company boasts of $6.5 billion revenue. Representing 751 wineries and covering about 22 states in the US. By the year 2017, the RNDC leads as the biggest market leader with more than half the market shares in Texas.

BREAKTHRU BEVERAGE GROUP This wholesale wine company is also one of the top distributors you can find. The company has headquarters not only in New York City but also in Illinois. Its operations stretch beyond its home state to other central, southern and eastern states in the Us. Forbes magazine estimated their yearly revenue as at 2016 to be about $5.4 billion. Breakthru represents over 691 Wineries.

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YOUNG’S MARKET CO. This company is based on the West Coast – Orange County, Calif. in the United States. It represents about 663 wineries which are in 11 western states. Over the years the company has acquired properties and completed mergers thereby absorbing six companies since 2010. Statistics show an annual revenue of about $3 billion from this company with a staff of about 3, 000 employees.

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JOHNSON BROTHERS LIQUOR CO. This wholesale wine company ships wine, beer, spirits, water and even non-alcoholic beverages to retail stores and restaurants in about 22 states. Its focus is particularly the upper Midwest and Southwest regions. In 2017, this company even extended operations to New York and West Virginia.

HEIDELBERG DISTRIBUTING CO. The Heidelberg Distributing company serves just two states in the US – Ohio and Kentucky. Their headquarters is in Dayton Ohio, while the company has other offices and warehouses in Hebron, Kentucky. Heidelberg warehouse wine from about 177 domestic wineries, and makes them available to other retailers who get them to consumers. The company has a warehouse of about 2 million square feet, 1,600 associates, and provides wines to over 26,000 retailers in Ohio and Kentucky.